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A criminal charge, from DUI to assault, can have serious consequences. Every aspect of your life, from your employment status and your financial stability to your personal relationships and reputation, can be impacted by an accusation. When you or someone you love is facing charges, don't wait to take action.

Since 2004, I’ve been helping individuals and businesses in Tennessee fight back against accusations of criminal activity. If you live in Anderson, Roane, Blount, or Sevier Counties, get in touch with Cravens Legal in Knoxville. Set up a free consultation to get started protecting what matters most.

Areas of Focus in Criminal Justice

I focus on a wide variety of criminal defense charges so that you and your loved ones can feel that your future is protected. These charges include:

  • Theft

  • DUI

  • Assault

  • White-Collar Crimes

  • Healthcare Fraud

  • Domestic Violence

  • Sex Offenses

  • Drug Charges

  • Weapons/Gun Cases

  • Resisting Arrest

  • Suspended Driver’s License

  • Juvenile Court & Offenses

  • Probation Violation

  • Other Criminal Accusations

If you are a suspect in a criminal investigation or have been accused of a criminal offense, it is natural to feel overwhelmed and uncertain. Working with a local criminal defense attorney is your best option. If you live in Knoxville, Oak Ridge, Maryville, Sevierville, or the surrounding areas, reach out to me today.



White-Collar Crime & Business Fraud

When a crime is committed through deceit and motivated by financial gain in the business sector, it’s usually known as a ‘white-collar crime.’ Fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, tax evasion, Ponzi schemes, and pyramid schemes are all in this category. Reach out to me if you’re facing an accusation of business fraud or anything else. You’ll need to act quickly to preserve your business’s reputation and your financial future.

Juvenile Defense in Tennessee

If your child has been charged with criminal activity, or you’re worried they might be, you need to seek the advice of an empathetic attorney. As a juvenile defense lawyer, I can fight against some of the most common juvenile charges, including:

  • Possession or consumption of alcohol

  • Possession, consumption, or intent to distribute drugs

  • Vandalism & graffiti

  • Shoplifting & petty theft

  • Fighting in a public place

  • Indecent exposure / sexual offenses

  • Bullying amounting to assault

  • Trespassing

I understand how criminal charges are intertwined with many areas of a young adult’s life—from school and social media to registering a vehicle at the DMV. You, your child, and your family deserve peace of mind and a brighter future. Get in touch with me so we can begin protecting your rights together.

Why You Need to Hire a Lawyer

If you’re facing accusations of a crime, you probably already know how much is at stake. Every area of your life--from your personal relationships to your professional prospects--could be impacted by a criminal conviction. You need to reach out for help. At Cravens Legal, I’ll take action to pursue a just outcome that’s favorable to you and your loved ones. When you choose to work with me during this tough time, I’ll learn the details of your situation, explain your rights under the law, and help you understand the options available to you in the criminal justice system. We’re a team. Together, we can get through this.

Compassion Matters in Criminal Defense Cases

I know what it’s like to need somebody in your corner. While I never sugarcoat the truth or tell clients only what they want to hear, I still make sure to take a compassionate approach to each and every case. I’ve helped countless individuals and businesses in Knoxville, Oak Ridge, Maryville, and the rest of Tennessee through tough legal challenges; I’m ready to guide you through yours. The legal system can feel overwhelming, so let me help you navigate it.


Don’t wait to start on a path forward after an accusation. I provide compassionate, aggressive advocacy for clients throughout Tennessee when they need it the most. At Cravens Legal, it’s all about your rights: knowing them, preserving them, protecting them. Set up a free initial consultation with me in Knoxville to discuss your case.